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by Administrator 31. July 2013 23:25

Hi all

Well, this is the first blog post since September 17’th 2011. A lot has happened since then, which I will just summarize here and then maybe I will get the time to write more posts :-)

First of all, I am now divorced and have been since March 2012. My two kids (Now 9 and 7 years old) are with me 5 days every 14 days. It’s not nearly as much time as I would like to spend with them, but it’s more time than a lot of single fathers get with their kids. I try to make the best of it. I decided to stay in the house I owned with my x-wife – mainly because it was nice to have the kids come home to a house and neighborhood they know when they are staying with me.

Work-related, I am still employed the same place – only we got bought and I am now working at CGI. It’s the same job, same colleagues, same location… .just a new company name :-) I have been at the company for almost 10 years all together now. The first time was 4 years and two months and this time around it’s been 5 years and 4 months.

Being divorced, I suddenly had some time on my hands, so I started playing pool again. I joined my old club (Fast Eddies Pool Club, based here in Aalborg) and was the extra player in 2. division in 2012. This mainly meant that if a regular player on one of the teams was unable to play a game, I stepped in. I’m proud to say that even after almost 10 years away from the game, I won about 50% of my matches. It was really great to play the game again – I always did love to play pool. This season (2013) I chose not to play in the club, but to simply play whenever I feel like it. Perhaps in 2014 I will join the club again…

I have also started to loose some weight – It’s actually quite simple to loose weight:

  • I skipped all the candy and cake which meant a lot :-)
  • 3 times a week I do 24 minutes on an Elliptical trainer and then some weight lifting afterwards
  • 2-3 times a week I go for a 6,5km walk in the evening
  • I still ride my bike for 35 minutes to work and 35 minutes home from work on all work days

On the more technical side, I am growing quite fond of my Windows Phone 8 smart phone. I don’t care what anyone says – I believe this is the best OS to be using! :-) And I also have Windows 8 on my laptop and I have a Windows 8 RT tablet. The way everything works together – phone, laptop, xbox, tablet – all using Skydrive and – It’s just a great experience.

I lost my MVP status this year, sadly. I was awarded the MVP title in July 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. This time around I didn’t make the cut – but that was rather expected… My time was spent doing other stuff than helping the community – now I’ll just have to consider whether I want to work at getting it back or just skip it.

That’s it for now, I think…

Stay safe and take care of each other :-)


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Jan Eliasen is 37 years old, divorced and has 2 sons, Andreas (July 2004) and Emil (July 2006).

Jan has a masters degree in computer science and is currently employed at CGI Denmark as an IT architect.

Jan is a 6 times Microsoft MVP in BizTalk Server, although not currently and MVP.

Jan is proud to be one of the authors of the BizTalk Server 2010 Unleashed book.

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6 times: July 2004, July 2008, July 2009, July 2010, July 2011, and July 2012. Not currently an MVP.


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