Blood donor

by eliasen 9. August 2010 19:35

Hi all

Today I went to the blood bank for the 23’rd time to give blood. In Denmark, you can only donate blood once every three months, and you are quarantined for a period of time if you have been ill or have taken medicine. The length of the quarantine depends on he illness and the medicine taken.

I am proud to be a blood donor and have also volunteered as a bone marrow donor, but chances are, that this will never be needed, as the chance of an exact match apparently is 1:1000000 or something like that Smile

If you want to see more about how to donate blood in Denmark, see – and sign up to do good. You are not rewarded in any way, except that when you have donated 10, 25, 50 times (and so on) you get a small gift like a pen, a vase, or something like that.



Blood donor

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