BizTalk Server 2010 Unleashed is now out

by Administrator 16. September 2011 01:10

Hi all

I am VERY happy to announce, that the book I have been writing alongside Brian Loesgen, Charles Young, Scott Colestock, Anush Kumar, and Jon Flanders is now finally out.

You can buy it here:

I am responsible for the four chapters about:

  • Schemas
  • Maps
  • Orchestrations
  • Pipelines

I welcome ANY feedback about what I have written, but should you have feedback to other parts of the book that you are anxious to write to someone, feel free to send me an email about that too Smile

It has been quite a journey and there have been times when I was REALLY tired of writing. It is my understanding, however, that my chapters have turned out very well and I am looking forward to learning more about BizTalk, reading the stuff from the other great authors.

If you buy the book, you can see my acknowledgements, but just in case you are not buying the book, let me just quickly mention Randal van Splunteren (MVP) who did me a great personal favor and reviewed all the stuff I wrote before I handed it in for official review. It was a fantastic help.



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Jan Eliasen is 37 years old, divorced and has 2 sons, Andreas (July 2004) and Emil (July 2006).

Jan has a masters degree in computer science and is currently employed at Logica Denmark as an IT architect.

Jan is a 6 times Microsoft MVP in BizTalk Server (not currently an MVP) and proud co-author of the BizTalk 2010 Unleashed book.

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6 times: July 2004, July 2008, July 2009, July 2010, July 2011, and July 2012. Not currently an MVP.


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