Custom Functoid Wizard

by eliasen 20. October 2010 21:41

Hi all

Today a customer asked me for the Custom Functoid Wizard. Before today I had never heard of it. I searched lots of places, and found several bog entries with links to the 2004 source code, installer, 2006 source code, installer and what not – but none of the links checked out.

So finally the customer found it himself, and just for the benefit of the rest of the world, I have placed the installer for the BizTalk 2009 version of the Custom Functoid Wizard at



BizTalk 2009 | Functoid

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Jan has a masters degree in computer science and is currently employed at Logica Denmark as an IT architect.

Jan is a 6 times Microsoft MVP in BizTalk Server (not currently an MVP) and proud co-author of the BizTalk 2010 Unleashed book.

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