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by Administrator 14. July 2011 21:54

Hi all

Welcome to http://blogs.eliasen.dk – home of blogs related to people called eliasen.

Currently there exists only three blogs on this site:

  • This blog, which will mainly contain posts about the site itself, like new blogs that are added, updates to the blogging software, and so on.
  • The http://blogs.eliasen.dk/Personal/ blog which is the personal blog of Jan Eliasen.
  • The http://blogs.eliasen.dk/Technical/ blog which is the technical blog of Jan Eliasen. The man focus of this blog has been on BizTalk until now, but will in the future also contain information about Azure, InfoPath, AppFabric and whatnot.

This site is based on BlogEngine.NET 2.5 which until now appears to be a very stable, fast and extensible blogging software.

Again; Welcome! Smile



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About the author

Jan Eliasen is 35 years old, married to Helle and together they have 2 sons, Andreas (July 2004) and Emil (July 2006).

Jan has a masters degree in computer science and is currently employed at Logica Denmark as an IT architect.

Jan is a 5 times Microsoft MVP in BizTalk Server.

Microsoft MVP

5 times: July 2004, July 2008, July 2009, July 2010, and July 2011


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