Andreas just got a new bike today

by eliasen 4. September 2010 13:08

Hi all

My older son started school a month ago, and we take our bikes to school every morning. It’s good exercise and it teaches him to do that instead of taking a car no matter where we are going.

But, his bike is rather small and he really must put in an effort to keep up with the rest of us Smile

So today we got him a new larger bike. It has three gears and a hand brake, and he loves it. He is out riding it with his mother right now. I think they are getting a cake from the bakery actually, so we all get something from this Smile

It’s just fantastic to watch him on his new bike, and Monday morning will be great, going to school Smile

So if any of you wondered what the DKr 3000,- were to be used for, this is it! Smile



Andreas | Bike

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