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by Administrator 17. September 2011 15:24

Hi all

Not sure if you all know this, but I am actually a War Veteran.

I served my mandatory 10 months in the Danish army from August 1’st 1995 until May 31’st 1996. After that I signed a contract with the Danish International Brigade and was therefore in the reserve in the army while I studied computer science at the university from August 1996. In June 2000 I was summoned for a 6 months mission in Kosovo, so I spent 2 months of training in June and July 2000 and in august 2000 I went to Kosovo. Fate would have it that my little sister was going on the same mission, so that was pretty cool Smile

After coming back to Denmark in February 2001 (Boring Christmas and new years evening) I resigned from the army. While I am happy to have tried it, there is no way I will leave my wife (girlfriend back then) and kids for 6 months. Quite a lot of the buddies I had in Kosovo lost their girlfriends during the mission.

Anyway, some days ago I received my “War veteran”-card from the Danish army. This is a new card that the ministry of defense decided we should all have. So they have spent God knows how much money and man hours deciding that we should all have this card, creating them and sending them out to us. The problem is, that I have no idea why on earth we need to have this card. Apparently the idea is that using this card I can prove that I am in fact a War Veteran, but come on… I have never really had the need to prove that. If I tell people that I am a War Veteran I have never experienced someone say “Really? I don’t believe that!” Smile But should someone do that in the future, I can now simply pull out the card and prove it! Smile

You can see the front side of the card here (My SSN is removed):


And the backside here:




war veteran

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