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by Administrator 6. August 2013 21:05

Hi all

I wouldn’t call me a snooker fan as such, but I am fond of the game (a crappy player of it, though) and I do watch when it is transmitted on TV.

In Denmark, this means watching Eurosport, and my cable TV provided only provides Eurosport and not Eurosport 2 unfortunately.

Luckily, Eurosport have made apps for different platforms and luckily for me, they have recently released apps for both XBox and the Samsung Smart TV platform. I own both! :-)

The player has the big big advantage over watching the Eurosport channel on the TV that the player shows all the content that is recorded but doesn’t get shown on TV. So for instance, during the world championships for snooker, the cameras are pointed at the table at all times, so whenever nothing is shown on either TV channel I can just use the player :-)

And what’s even more good news is that I just got an email from Eurosport today stating that they have released an app for Windows Phone (The best smart phone OS built, IMO). So thumbs-up for that. I haven’t been able to find it in the Store yet, but it’ll probably be there in a day or two.

So what I am now missing is an app for Windows RT – THAT would be awesome! :-)

That’s it for now, I think…

Stay safe and take care of each other :-)


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