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by Administrator 25. September 2011 20:20

Hi all

A couple of days we were lucky at the Danish BizTalk User Group because we had Saravana Kumar come to Denmark to talk about BizTalk 360.

BizTalk 360 is a very complete BizTalk support tool. It will monitor your BizTalk environments and let you know the overall health status of the environments. It uses red/green indicators to let you quickly know if there are problems and if there are problems such as stopped send ports and so on, you can drill down and check them.


Amongst other possibilities, you get complete auditing of what happens in BizTalk 360 and as such you can always see who did what and when.

BizTalk 360 runs as a BizTalk Administrator and inside BizTalk 360 you can then configure users and what parts of your BizTalk environment these users should have access to support. This way you can give people a minimum of rights and you don’t have to be either an Administrator or Operator as we know it from normal BizTalk administration using the administration console. This can be very useful. For instance you can even let an account manager disable receive locations for a specific customer if she knows that customer has maintenance on Monday. With BizTalk administration console, the account manager would have to access the BizTalk Administration Console, which is way too complicated for a non-BizTalk Expert.

Another nifty thing is alerts. You can create alerts so you get alerted if some functionality has been stopped for a period of time or perhaps a daily alert about the overall health status and other such things.

All in all, BizTalk 360 is a support tool that provides a nice user friendly interface to monitoring and supporting your BizTalk environments and it is really looking good. You can restrict access for certain users to certain parts of your environment, you get auditing… oh yeah, and you get alerts about the status of your system if you want it.

I’d recommend it any day!

You can find more information about BizTalk 360 at the following places:



BizTalk 2010

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