Martin Pagaard

by eliasen 6. August 2010 20:46

Hi all

Recently I discovered Martin Pagaard, a Danish Rock singer, song writer, guitarist, bass player and one of the very best Rock drummers in Denmark.

He has worked with numerous artists and is working on a debut album, which he has no idea when will be ready Smile - on some of his songs I am quite sure I can recognize some influence from Colorblind, which is a Danish band he played he drums in.

You really should check him out at where he has uploaded five of his songs. What really impresses me is that he does everything himself – he plays the guitar, the bass, the drums and sings – except for two of the songs where he gets some help with the guitar playing. He has a great Rock voice… And you can find him at:

OR, you can just listen to him here:





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