Danish politician who fails big time doing basic math

by eliasen 7. August 2010 22:08

Hi all

It’s many years ago, but today I was just reminded of it, and it is just so ridiculous that I had to share it.

Danish people (or anyone who can read (and understand) Danish, really…) can read the statement she (Aase D. Madsen) made in he Danish Parliament here.  The statement is from November 16’th 1999.

Basically, she thinks that we should spend less money on the libraries. To back this she has a brochure published by the ministry for culture that had some numbers about how much the library was used.

In the brochure it said, that 39% of all men do not use the libraries and 30% of all the women. She then thinks, that in order to find out what the percentage of all people who don’t use the library we need to add the percentage of the men and the percentage of women together, and her postulate is therefore, that 69% of the Danish population do not use the Danish libraries Smile

Using the same logic, we see, that 61% of all men use the libraries and 70% of women do. That means that 131% of the Danish population use the libraries at the same time as 69% do not… Really… funny! Smile




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